Don’t Judge Me

Matthew 7:1-5

Don’t judge me. We get to hear this quite often in life. Today I just want to share a story with you.

A young lady called one day and asked if she could come to my office. Before I answered she said that she would come only if I could guarantee that I will not judge her for what she was about to say. I told her, “I am a pastor. Judgement is not in my job description.”

So she came to my office and she shared that she felt reluctant to go to church anymore because of something that she’s been feeling. What she’s been feeling was concerning her sexual orientation. She found herself more attracted to girls rather than to boys. The young lady felt that she was different than the other girls and she was afraid that she wouldn’t be accepted at the church anymore. She also said that she felt guilty about her sexual orientation.

I told her that she should not stop coming to church, and that nobody would reject her just because of her sexual orientation in this church, at least not on my watch. I told her that I think there are two issues that we have to deal with, the first was her guilt and the second, her sexual orientation.

The Questions

After she left, these 2 questions came to mind. The first one was about her guilt. Where does her guit come from? Has it always been there? The second was about her sexual orientation, where does it come from? Has it always been there?

For the first question the answer must be her religious tradition, the Bible. However some theologians argue that the Bible is just an ancient book, written in ancient times, with certain ancient context. Thus it cannot be the source for making judgement concerning recent issues and questions.

For the second question, there are 2 claims in science concerning this. The first claim says that that it is genetic. The second one says that it is not. It is developed through interaction with other people.

I could not give her any clear answer. But that is because I am human. I don’t know all the answers. That is why I believe in God, and I need to rely on God for the answers. But how does God answer me? Through the ancient book? Through science? How do I access God for guidance?

That was my story, and as every sermon need to have a conclusion, here is mine: O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death? I thank God– through Jesus Christ our Lord! So then, with the mind I myself serve the law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin. (Romans 7:24-25 NKJ).

Don’t judge me. No, ma’am. It’s not in my job description.

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