I was lost in a forest. A thick, green forest. I tried to find my way home. I shouted, “Help! Somebody help me!” for about an hour but nobody came.

Then I walked, though I didn’t know in which direction. I just did until I found a leopard was lying down with a baby goat under a tree. They didn’t seem to take any notice of me, so I continued my walk.

I walked, and walked, and walked, until I finally came to a prairie. There I saw cows were grazing together with bears, and a lion was eating straw with an ox. There was a pond, too, where tigers and deer were drinking.

Then I saw a little boy. He was leading a flock of lambs and wolves. I called the boy and told him that I was lost in a forest and couldn’t find my way home. He answered calmly, “There is no way home, welcome!”

Sam-el Ladh

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Utopia (1993)

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